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Superhero Challenge

Are you a Superhero or a Super Boss?

Take on a Super Challenge for the duration of June and show your hero status for HeartKids. 

Last year due to lockdowns and COVID restrictions and many of us working from home, we introduced the Superhero Challenge. This year it is bigger and better.

Do the challenge by yourself or with your sport team, book club, friends or family and support the real heroes the heart kids across Australia. 

Which Superhero Challenge will YOU do?

The Flash Challenge 

Cardio (Aerobic) / Flexibility Challenge - Flash past the finish line with activities like running, swimming, walking, dancing, yoga etc. 

  • Set a combined kms run/walk total for June 
  • Cycle the equivalent distance of Adelaide to Alice Springs (1,500km) in June 
  • Set a yoga challenge to increase your stamina 
  • Or choose your own cardio/flexibility challenge

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Wonder Woman Challenge 

Smart Challenge - Brains can beat brawn! Individuals or groups can make June the month to lasso brain challenges such as science, maths, literature, or language. 

  • Read 10 books in the month of June 
  • Solve one hard maths question a day for the month of June 
  • Learn 200 words in the month of June from another language 
  • Create your own smart challenge

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Thor Challenge 

Strength (Anaerobic) Challenge - Slam this challenge with activities like weightlifting, box jumps, crossfit, body building etc.  

  • Complete a CrossFit workout 3 days a week throughout June 
  • Complete an exercise 1,000 times during June eg Pull Ups 
  • Continually lift throughout June & work on one movement eg. Dead lift, bench or Squat and improve your personal best by 10% 
  • Or choose your own strength challenge

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Captain America

Team or Club Challenge - Avengers Assemble and take down this challenge together. Get your team or club together and set a combined challenge. 

  • Set a combined team run/walk km target for June (e.g. 3,000kms) 
  • Each team member to shoot 30 goals each day (keep team tally) 
  • Complete a different drill each day posted by the team captain or coach 
  • Or set your own team / club challenge

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The choice is yours...

So sign up today, take the challenge and tell everyone that you are being a Hero for HeartKids.

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