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Now in its 7th Year, you can Be a Hero for HeartKids and make a pledge to stand up to congenital heart disease (CHD) in Australia by improving the lives and futures of those affected by this terrible disease - the real heroes the kids born with CHD every day. 
Become a Hero for HeartKids in one of two ways...

There are two ways that participants can raise funds to support children with heart disease and their families. 

Anyone can register themselves or be nominated by staff, friends or family. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to engage your customers, employees, colleagues and the community whilst supporting a great cause.

Become a Hero for HeartKids

Hero for HeartKids Day is a fun initiative whereby workplaces, schools, childcare centres and the broader community dress as a superhero on Friday 18 June.

Be a Hero 

Take the Superhero Challenge

Challenge yourself by registering to participate in our Superhero Challenge by pushing yourself to do something different throughout the month of June.

Take the challenge 

What is Congenital Heart Disease (CHD)?

Congenital heart disease (CHD), affects eight babies born in Australia every day (that’s one every three hours). Four precious lives are lost each week, making this complex condition with no known cure, one of the leading causes of infant death in the country.

Despite being a serious life-threatening condition, over 65,000 Australian babies, children and adults are currently living with CHD, yet they will face unique challenges for the rest of their lives, including repeated heart surgeries and ongoing medical treatment. The impact of having a heart child is life-changing for the entire family and one that leads to enormous emotional and financial stress. With CHD impacting one in every 100 births, a further 3,000 babies are expected to be born with CHD in 2021.