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This June, I'll Be making a pledge to stand up to congenital heart disease (CHD) in Australia and improving the lives and futures of those affected by this terrible disease - Join me to help HeartKids raise funds to support children with heart disease and their families.
Its been a couple of years since ive participated in fundraising for HeartKids.
My daughter Bella just turned 11, as we all know Bella was born with major heart defects. Interrupted aortic heart, major vsd, aswell as needing a few Stenosis surgeries. You would never know by being around her that she's had over 9 surgeries in her life. Four of them being so complicated they had to do bypass.
What alot of you don't know though that stopping her heart and doing these type of surgeries puts alot of stress on their tiny bodies, they can get clots, fluid on their lungs and brain damage. When they are so young, we were told that she would regress, forget things. But you are not prepared when they wake up and forget who they are, who you are, how to eat or even walk. It can take weeks to months to get back to "normal". Bella has over come alot and still has another heart surgery in the future.
Kid's like Bella are Heros, Bella is a Hero, Dr Cooper pediatric cardiologist is a hero, Surgeon Ian Nicholson is a Hero. All the Nurses and staff of westmead children's hospital are Heros. Heartkids for helping families through some of the toughest moments of their lives and trying to make heart kids lives just a little brighter are Heros.
So please donate what you can or share. I'm starting at $1000 as a fundraising goal and we will see how far we can get.
Many thanks 😊

My Updates

03 Jun 2023

Photo flash back- Bellas third Heart surgery age 2. A picture with her Great Nan ❤️❤️❤️ this one was to repair stenosises as her heart was beating too strong, the walls near the valves became thick as the heart is a muscle. It made irregular flow and there was a big change If it went unchecked she would go into heart failure

03 Jun 2023

Photo flash back- this was a photo taken a week after her second heartsurgery. Heart babies are always smiling 😃 just another day to her

02 Jun 2023

Photo flash back time- Bellas second operation, they built the wall between the lower chambers of her heart. Bella ended up having 3 surgeries before her 1st birthday. Her third being her cleft lip surgery

01 Jun 2023

Flash back post- here is a picture just after Bellas first heart surgery not even 24hrs old, I remember them saying she's going to be a strong, independent, adventurous kid when she grows up because she wouldn't keep her leg tucked in, and would try to rip out her tubes out with her tiny little fingers (it's whybthere was extra tape around her hands.

01 Jun 2023

80% Blown away! We are so close to the target, THANK YOU!! picture was taken just after Bellas last heart surgery! ❤️

31 May 2023

WOW 69% A Big THANK YOU! To everyone who has donated and shared so far. 😊 it means alot.