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Ollie Hazelwood


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I'm Ollie, I'm 9 years old and I'm a HeartKid with the battle scars to prove it!

I'm raising funds to:

💙raise awareness that congenital heart disease is a life-long condition that does not have a cure - yet!

🧠that along with affecting our heart, congenital heart disease has long-term impacts on the neurodevelopment of many HeartKids increasing the likelihood of us being diagnosed with anxiety, autism, ADHD and developmental delays in language, social skills and feeding

❔that in Western Australia we STILL do not have long-term developmental follow up of HeartKids even though we know that these impacts can impact educational achievement, job attainment and employability, mental health and quality of life

🙏to say a huge THANK YOU to ALL the wonderful doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who have helped our family every step of this journey over the past 10 years. Including David Andrews who operated on my teeny-tiny heart and repaired it at PMH when I was just 14 weeks old. I can't wait to show him how I've grown!