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BE A SUPERHERO for heartkids

Dress up on the 16th of June (or during the month) and show your hero status for HeartKids. You can challenge yourself to do something extraordinary by yourself or with your sports team, book club, friends or family and support the real heroes the heart kids across Australia.

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Get your workplace involved

Encourage all your managers and team members to participate in Hero for HeartKids Day, by dressing up as Superheroes, building team spirit and gaining community recognition.

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What are we fundraising for?

Every day 8 children are born with a heart defect, that is a family every 3 hours whose life will change in a heartbeat. Four lives are tragically lost each week. 

CHD is the leading cause of death in Australian babies under the age of one. It’s a lifelong condition and there’s no known cure. 

This June, help us raise awareness for the real heroes, the children and families who are impacted by congenital or childhood acquired heart disease.

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